About us

In need of professional, high-quality, quick translating and interpreting services?

Search no more, because TSI is the right place for all your translations– be they spoken, written or certified translations – we’ve got you covered.


Written translation

It takes the right word in the right place at the right time to send a clear message.

Choosing the right word is often challenging even in one’s native language, let alone in a foreign language.

That’s why we’re here to help!

Certified translation

TSI provides certified translations done by a sworn court translator.

Clients who need a certified translation should send in the original document and specify the purpose of the translation. Depending on that, the court translator will attach the original document or its photocopy or certified photocopy to the certified translation.

Please keep in mind that the court translator is only responsible for the translation itself, and not for the legal or technical aspects.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting

Spoken translation can be done simultaneously or consecutively in relation to the speaker who delivers the speech in the source language, depending on the nature, audience, and size of a meeting or other professional gathering. 

TSI has over 10 years of experience and numerous satisfied clients. Whether you require translation services for fairs, seminars, symposiums, or less formal meetings, conversations, negotiations, and presentations, we offer professional, expert, high quality simultaneous and consecutive interpreting which will ensure that your words are impactful and your event is successful.

Proofreading and editing

Don’t let a few typos ruin your carefully worded text! Here at TSI, we’ll do the checking and double-checking for you.

Whether you are unsure if a phrase sounds just right, or if the meaning comes across like you intended it to, we’re here to make sure your writing is flawless and packs a punch.